Recording an EP or an album is a huge milestone for any musician. The process of capturing and engineering tracks to their full potential can often mean that production costs, at least in the short term, easily outweigh any potential profits from sales. Getting into a professional studio is important but the key is to be prepared. Furthermore, having a concrete idea of the sequence and timing of the tracks will help you and the engineer and producer save time. This is where I can help. My home studio is based in St Albans and I have been helping singer-songwriters and small bands with pre-studio prep recordings, demos, EPs and the occasional full album for over three years. I have an array of high quality vocal and instrument microphones, intuitive recording and post-production software along with a plethora of VST instruments at my disposal. My set-up also allows me to record on site at a show or in a rehearsal space. I can also help with producing, session drumming or piano work.  

I first opened my doors in early 2015 and have since recorded dozens of singer-songwriters and several bands. You can hear an example of my audio work by clicking here and watching The Sunrays' promo video. The Sunrays - a 3 piece jive and rock 'n' roll band based in London - along with all my other clients will tell you I am a patient, helpful and flexible audio engineer who will go to great lengths to get the best possible sound. I honed these skills and caught the engineering bug early in my life by working with folks like Bob Rubin, Nick Ippoliti, and Maison Clarke back in the USA. 

I am forever making improvements, for example, towards the end of 2017 I acquired an upright piano and have it regularly tuned - click here to see it in action. To make things a little easier I have a full drum kit already to go on site. My underlying goal has always been to support solo artists, singer-songwriters, and full bands on their journey. If you would like to find out more or book a session please get in touch.
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