Whether you are completely new to the kit, or would like to take the next step, or if you just need some advice and maybe just a few one to one sessions, feel free to contact me. I have opened my doors to students this year and I am looking forward to relaying techniques and skills that I have learned from 30+ years of drumming in the US and Europe. I can offer a structured or flexible approach depending on your goals, and a genuine interest in your development behind the kit. Lessons are offered in and out of term and in my home in St Albans, or, if you prefer, in neighbouring studios / or I can come to you.

Here a few areas that I cover: 
  • To the new player, an introduction to the practice pad, grip techniques, cymbal techniques, wrist movement and so on
  • Snare rudiments and (later) applying these around the drum kit 
  • Warm-up exercises and how to make the most out of your daily practice routine 
  • Grooves and fills in a number of different styles and genre e.g. blues, jazz, funk, americana, rock and folk
  • Music theory and knowledge (yes, drummers are musicians despite all the rumours and this stuff is important) 
  • Instrument maintenance, tuning and microphone and recording techniques (if you are serious, it is essential that you record your practice sessions for review later) 
  • Working with a band; getting the most out of live shows and keeping things consistent (why the click is your best friend in today's day and age) 
  • Benefits of becoming a YouTube Drummer e.g. playing / recording to tracks - how to stretch yourself by learning from the masters
Course material, depending on your level and aspiration, are as follows: Alfred's Beginning Drumset Method (Sandy Feldstein, Dave Black), Stick Control (George Lawrence Stone), The Art of the Drummer by John Savage, and Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments.

Click here to get in contact and let's discuss your needs and whether I can help you achieve your goals. 

'David is a talented drummer and it is always a pleasure to play with him. Although he has considerable technical skill, he always serves the song first and foremost, and because of that he is a major asset to every band I've played in with him'. - Jack Blackman, Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist 
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