I started drumming at age 7 with a vintage 1979 Oakwood Slingerland kit. At 16, still in high school, I joined a seasoned blues band, The Rhythm Slaves, who were performing in the bars and clubs circuit in Eastern PA (USA) and New York State. I had replaced a long serving drummer and we had only time for one rehearsal before our first gig. In any case, we sounded tight. The gig was in NY in some run down hotel bar. There were five of us in the band and we ended up almost outnumbering the audience. Needless to say it got better. Over the next two years we played some great venues and, for me, the experience was invaluable. The highlight for me though was graduating high school and on the same evening performing a set with the band in The Gaslight, a surprisingly energetic bar/music venue in Wellsboro PA, still in my graduation uniform.

I played in various bands at the time including J.A.M. and The Second Fret Quintet. In 1998 I produced an album entitled 'Three Miles to Pine Creek' which was designed as a fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society. Over $10,000 was raised through sales of the album and it won two regional ACS awards thus opening the door for a second project. To find out more, click here. The CD was re-released in July 2015, again as a fundraiser, to coincide with the annual Relay for Life event in Tioga County and is available here and on all good online stores.

The second venture was an audio book with Pennsylvanian author Heather Trexler Remoff entitled 'Readings from February Light', funded by the Tioga County Medical Association, in partnership with the American Cancer Society. The audio book was released in 2002 around about the time I moved to the UK. Prior to this I had also been performing with Nick Ippoliti and the Travelin' Machine. Our four piece acoustic americana band performed original material written by Mule Dixon and released two albums: 
Tramp Art Americana (2000) and Politicus (2002). Both feature me on percussion and piano.

Between 2014 and 2016 I was the drummer for Aidan and the Wildfires - a four piece original, progressive, folk-rock-americana band which had a residency at the legendary Troubadour club in London and shows in the festival circuit. The band won the Purbeck Rising competition in August 2015 at the Purbeck Valley Folk Festival in Dorset and played two main stages in 2016. In May 2016 our debut single 'I wish I was King' was released and is available on all good online stores. Check out some our videos on YouTube: 
Life recorded at White Gate Studio, I Wish I Was King and Stay

In 2018 I joined Man the Lifeboats and am really excited about what's in store. Check out a video of the band here: Sally Can't Drink or visit the band's Soundcloud Page to hear some tracks. We are currently in rehearsals at the moment and will be recording our EP in February.  
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