Thanks for visiting my site. I am a drummer currently performing with Man the Lifeboats, a London based five-piece band that plays raucous, original, upbeat folk-rock music. I joined at the start of 2018 and it's been a blast. We've got some great shows lined up so please visit the band's site for more info on those. We recorded our debut EP at Soup Studios in London in February with producer Ed Ripley and released it in June. Check out our music video for 'Doomed' which can be viewed here and do a quick search for our EP on Spotify, ITunes et al. 

Finding precious practice time, playing live, and getting into the studio are among my favourite things in life as well as helping others achieve their training goals behind the kit. In the latter half of this year I decided to meet one of my own personal goals and have opened my doors to students - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Have a look at my Lessons page for more information. It's a natural and exciting step and I am looking forward to giving back and helping others.     

"Listen well and listen to as much as you can...I've always made sure to analyse why a song works. Structure, dynamics, melody, and then, of course, the playing. All of these things coalesce to make a tune successful or not. Listen to the greats. Listen to the not-so-greats. Check out everything you can. Ask yourself, 'Can I play that part?' and then try to play it...You can give yourself an incredible musical education in the privacy of your own bedroom if you just open up your ears and your mind." - Josh Freese

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